This exciting and inspirational film will be made by a multi-award-winning Coventry production company, Chugg Productions Ltd, with the support of Coventry City Council’s 2021 team. 

Quite simply the aim is to tell a gripping, original Coventry story to the world in a very special year. It is a family friendly film which will leave viewers wanting to know more about the city, it’s history and the amazing people who live here.

There are four stages in this film project:

1) The Development

2) The Production (often referred to as the shoot)

3) Post production

4) Distribution

We are raising money for stage 2 of the process “The Production”

We are planning to begin filming in October 2019 and will continue to film through July of 2020. It means we need to raise an initial shooting budget of £180,000 before June 2019. The remaining budget will be raised while filming commences.

As a Coventry company, we would like to offer you the opportunity to become a part of this once in a lifetime event.

The following sponsorship opportunities are available. But please note if you are willing to finance the full initial budget amount of £180,000 we would be happy to work with you to tailor a package to suit your needs.

Investment of £5k

Your company’s name and your company’s logo will appear in the end credits.

You will be invited, as a VIP,  to the film premiere on July 9th 2021, to be held at the War Memorial Park in Coventry as part of the centenary celebrations. The capacity for this event is approximately 20,000 people.

You will be updated on the film’s progress and receive a monthly newsletter explaining all the latest on and off set developments.

You will be invited to regular sponsorship meetings where you will meet our other local and international sponsors and partners.

As above,


Your company logo will appear alongside your name in the credits.

Your company will feature as an article in the monthly newsletter sent to all companies involved and interested parties.

You will appear as a major local sponsor on our social media campaign.

You will be invited to attend a black tie pre-screening of the finished film at an exclusive venue, prior to the premiere. Here you will get the chance to meet representatives from our other local and international sponsors, cast and crew.

Your company logo, and if you already have one, your company video will appear on the big screen at the film premiere on July 9th 2021 at the War Memorial Park in Coventry on a loop before and after the film showing. (subject to approval of the video). The capacity for this event is approximately 20,000 people.

As above,


You or a person you nominate can appear as a walk-on role in the film.

You will have the opportunity to spend a day with the cast and crew on set.

You will appear as a major local sponsor in our social media campaign.

As a major sponsor you will feature in our press releases to local and national media, nearer to the film's launch.

As above,

At this level a bespoke package will be put together for you that could include:


A video about your company and the nature of your business, produced by Chugg Productions Ltd. You will also be able to express why you have chosen to get involved with this 2021 project. The video will be shared on all social media platforms and can be utilised by your company in any way you wish.

A short version of this promotional video could be shown at the premiere event in Coventry's War Memorial Park, as a lead up to the screening of the feature film.

Your company could also be mentioned in a documentary about the making of the feature film, to be shown alongside the film at the premiere event. This documentary will be distributed internationally.

A printed image of your logo and company name could be prominently displayed on the stage in the War Memorial Park, where the premiere screening will take place.

At this level of investment, we are happy to talk about product placement in the film.

A ride in the two-seater Spitfire we will be using on set, which will fly over the War Memorial Park. 

If you would like more information about sponsorship opertunitiesand to see our terms and conditions  please fill out the form below or send us an email.

Product Placement